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“when people ask me what do I do, I answer whatever makes me happy.

The goal is always to be in a position of happiness and to inspire others.” 

I believe that anything created with real passion is not hard work,

but pure pleasure; and it always delivers an astonishing outcome.

Combining freedom with passion is so powerful it attracts and unites us.

Never create for the outcome. - Create for a purpose. 

directed by malf 2022

I started in creative arts, from graphic design, photography, film,

to video and animation. In 2006, I founded Feel Free Media my production company. Over the following years I focused on my first passion, video and film and that led me to my first feature film, winner of few awards. 


I worked in the advertising industry and  joined a group called SPORT which combined the various talents and specific forces of four parnters.


Subsequently I decided  to follow  my passion for creation and exploit my great  ability to turn what I believe in into magical and powerful messages which can be presented as a digital motion picture, ta photograph or an actual product.


This led me to create my brand of sunglasses - BRAVE Vision - and a fashion label - XO Hugs & Kisses -  My passion together with my solid background in the creative arts and the advertising industry attracted many people seeking advice and support... Today I can say that I am connecting the dots and making others benefit from my insights.


Having lived a lot in a short period of time, I am now able to help people kick start their brand and basically giving some life coach advice to others.

I am a creator.


a.k.a Marc-Antoine L. Frenette

and I am outside the box.

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